Ultra EL Lubricant

Ingersoll Rand Ultra Extended Life (EL) advanced synthetic lubricant performs up to twice as long as other rotary lubricants, keeping your compressors running at peak performance, minimizing downtime and lowering lifecycle costs.



  • Up to 16,000 hours of lubricant run time — twice as long as other synthetic rotary lubricants — maximizes uptime for critical equipment
  • Advanced cooling, delivered by an ultra-high thermal conductivity value, enables compressors to run cooler and more efficiently, even in high-ambient temperature environments
  • Peak compressor performance significantly reduces wear, delivering the highest efficiency, while dramatically increasing component longevity
  • More reliable lubricant performance proivdes more consistent productivity in your operation
  • High flash point of 272°C (522°F), higher than most poly-alpha-olfins (PAOs), diesters and other synthetic lubricants, enhances operational safety
  • Significantly improved separation qualities so more lubricant stays in your compressor
ultra El Lubricant

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