PET Reciprocating

Ingersoll Rand PETStar® 4 reciprocating air compressors offer durability and reliability combined with four-stage energy savings. Standard PET reciprocating compressors feature three-stage compression. Ingersoll Rand maximizes efficiency with four stages of compression, which significantly increases efficiency over three-stage designs. Combined with industrial grade components and double-acting cast iron cylinders, PETStar® 4 compressors provide supreme durability that reduces maintenance requirements and lowers lifecycle costs.


  • Three-step capacity control (0%-50%-100%) matches energy consumption with demand
  • Advanced Xe-Series compressor controller proactively monitors critical parameters to ensure efficient operation
  • IP-55 TEFC motor with star-delta starter for energy efficient starting
  • Non-lubricated 100% oil-free water-cooled design
  • Four-stage balanced, opposed layout reduces unwanted vibration
  • Double-acting pistons with heavy-duty Class 40 cast iron cylinder construction
  • Piston rings and packing rated for 16,000 hours
  • Protective features such as rod drop position wear indicators available
pet reciprocating

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