High Viscosity Liquid Pumps

Max Flow Rate: 50 L/min
Head: 5 mtrs
As a leading firm, we are able to trade and export an extensive range of High Viscosity Liquid Pumps. The experts in transferring low to high viscosity, pasty, but still free flowing products. Suitable for Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Chemical products as well as petroleum products.
Technical data:

  • Advanced pump design without any inaccessible or hidden voids, ideal for use in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Sanitary version available with 3A-approval.
  • Vertical and horizontal use.
  • Low wear, no valves, vanes etc.
  • High output of 30 L/min or 50 L/, min.
  • Recommended for viscous products up to max. 20.000 mPs

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