Centrifugal Chillers

Exceeding 10 percent more efficient than any other centrifugal chiller design – Direct drive compressor provides 2 to 3 percent better efficiency – Multi-stage design with integrated flash economizer drives 5 to 7 percent better cycle efficiency

The industry’s most efficient, low pressure, next-generation, low-GWP refrigerant.
Duplex™ chiller design utilizing series counterflow arrangement provides the industry’s highest efficiency for large tonnage applications Environmental stewardship

Near-zero global warming potential with R-1233zd(E), a next-generation, low-GWP refrigerant that is one of the few non-flammable olefin options available today

Low pressure, leak-tight design keeps refrigerant inside the chiller
Patented EarthWise™ purge auto-regeneration cycle reclaims refrigerant for return to the refrigerant cycle

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