PSA-Oxygen Generator Plants

Next Generation PSA Oxygen Generator Plants

100-833 LPM, 6-50 M3Hr

We Aadiushmaa Engineers manufacturer of next generation PSA Oxygen Generator Plants, An premium plug and play system delivering 93% +-3% pure oxygen with complete compressed air setup. it can be used directly or for refiling oxygen cylinder. The process of oxygen generation is the air is taken from compressor in which other gases are separate from oxygen with the help of zeolite molecular sieves which adsorb nitrogen & subsequently discharge waste .

Features of PSA Oxygen Generator Plants

Uniqueness of Oxygen Supply

  • Oxygen is provided by an independent system without any cross connection with other
  • Continuous & uninterrupted oxygen supply.
  • Quality of the supply source of medical molecular sieve of oxygen generator and its product gas conforms with the Medical Standards as laid by State Govt.

Skid Mounted Design

  • PSA & Receiver setup on common skid
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Fully automated and monitored system including oxygen sensor as standard scope of supply.
  • Service-friendly


  • Highly Reliable compressed air
  • Robust Design
  • Meant for 24 hours usage.

Desired Purity

  • Delivers Oxygen as per desired specification.

Cost Saving

  • Low Operating Expenses.
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Attractive Lucrative cost-effective maintenance contracts.

Complete Oxygen Solution

  • Oxygen flow meter as standard scope of supply.
  • Oxygen sensor with a longer
  • Outlet pressure reducing valve.
  • Oxygen Bottling station & Receivers on common skid.

Lower Noise Level

  • Noise of oxygen generator equipment is lesser than 85db (A).

PSA-Oxygen generator Plant Manufacturer by aadiushmaa engineers, Chandigarh

PSA-Oxygen Generator Plants

Standard PSA Installation Setup

PSA & Bottling Installation Setup


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