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Lobe Pump

Lobe Pump


1   to  365 m3/hr

Working pressure

1   to  172 bar


1   to  450,000 cps  


-50 to  425 Deg C


Revolution, Multi Pump, Sterliboe


What is Rotary Lobe Pump

A Rotary Lobe Pump is a type of positive-displacement pump that exploits the counter-rotation motion of two or more lobes around parallel shafts in the pump’s body to impart motion to the fluids. The most significant thing to notice here is that, unlike gear pumps, the lobes here do not touch and only barely meet while rotating.


How Lobe pump work

A Rotary Lobe Pump works based on the principle of synchronized rotation of 2 (or more) lobes in opposite directions. This rotation of the lobe pair leads to an increase in the suction chamber creating a vacuum/ pressure drop on the inlet side of the pump. This pressure drop sucks the fluid into the pump chamber and the pumped fluid is pushed into the pressure area by the rotors. The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the two lobes causes a decrease in the pressure chamber on the outlet side leading to a rise in the pressure on the discharge side of the pump. The direction of fluid flow can be reversed by changing the direction of rotation of the motors.


Most Common application


  • For Transfer: - Paints, Inks, & coatings, Polymer & Resins, Adhesives,

Solvents, Polyurethane Foam, Acids, Soaps, Detergents



  • For Transfer: - Fuel Oils, Lube oils, Asphalts, Ethanol, Glycols, Alcohols


  • For Transfer: -Vegetable Oils, Chocolate, Corn Syrups, Molasses,Peanut butter,Mayonnaise


Industry Segment

  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper


Certification Available


Service of Rotary Lobe Pump

To maintain your Vogel sang, please follow the recommended schedule. If your water pump hasn't been used in the past month, follow these steps to start it back up again: rotate and grease the pump. This will prevent seals from being damaged or stuck together; lobes from adhering to each other and being harmed; and bearings not getting adequate lubrication (which can cause extra bearing wear at startup and rust in the bearings).

Spare Part Available

If you're looking for a specific part for a rotary lobe pump, check our online catalogue. Our team can also work with you to create a custom solution for your needs. To keep your system in optimal condition and reduce the risk of downtime, we offer a comprehensive range of spare parts for all of our products.

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