Welded Spiral Heat Exchanger

Welded Spiral-Heat-Exchanger are used for ultimate problem solver in extremely dirty and fouling process duties

The all-round heat transfer solution. Exceptional compactness and self-cleaning design make Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers extremely versatile. Ideal for everything from dirty fluids to high vacuum condensation.

Standard and custom ALSHE STW ranges
The Alfa Laval ALSHE STW is suitable for any sludge/water duty, either as a pre-designed standard, or as a custom design.


The spiral heat exchanger offers unique abilities within sludge treatment applications such as:
Heating of sewage sludge in digesters
Heating stages in pasteurization systems
Preheating of sludge for enhanced dewatering
Cooling of industrial sludge and waste waters

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully engineered to meet the needs of every customer
  • Self-cleaning effect reduces operating cost
  • Low maintenance cost due to easy access
  • High heat transfer efficiency, higher than in shell & tubes
  • Unique ability to handle two highly fouling fluids
  • Every unit is fully drainable
  • Condensers have virtually no vapour side pressure drop
  • Column mounting of condensers reduces installation costs
  • Design experience from more than 40 years of manufacturing