Rotary Lobe Pumps

Circumferential Piston Pumps

Performance Parameters: Capacity : 190 m³/hr/ 836 USGPM Pressure : 31 BAR/ 450 PSI Viscosity : 440,000 cST/2,000,000 SSU Temperatur

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Lobe Pump

Model Tri-Lobe Pump, Tri-Lobe Pump, Tri-Lobe Pump Max Flow Rate 189 cubit meter, 189 cubic meter/hr, 189 cubic meter/hr Head

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Revolution Pumps

Model Revolution Max Flow Rate 76 cubic meter/hr Head 15 mtr Ease of Maintenance: Fast, front loading seal changes while

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Sterilobe Rotary Lobe Pump

Model Lobe Pumps Max Flow Rate 171 cubic meter/hr Head 20 mtr All seal combinations fully front loading and demountable

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