G10F Metallic/Non Metallic

The G10F dual-power flap valve pump runs off compressed air or natural gas. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification is one of the many certifications standard on this pump, ensuring safe and reliable pumping performance as required in oil and gas upstream and midstream applications.

SANDPIPER G-Series pumps handle both sweet and sour gas and allow for complete groundability. Designed to pass solids and sediment commonly found in tanks and sumps, the 1” flap valve pump provides discharge pressures up to 100 psi and class-leading flow rates up to 70 gpm. This pump is available in both aluminum and stainless castings.


SANDPIPER offers an exclusive externally serviceable air distribution system. When dirty air enters an AODD/GODD pump, it will require frequent servicing of the air distribution system. SANDPIPER is the only AODD/GODD pump manufacturer to offer an externally serviceable air distribution system (ESADS+), which allows complete access to the main air and pilot valves without removing the pump from service. Repair or clean in five minutes (versus 55 minutes for competitors), reducing your downtime by as much as 90%.

SANDPIPER’s G-Series pumps carry the following certifications:


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